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Landscape Lighting & Permanent Lighting


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There are many reasons homeowners and business owners choose landscape lighting to illuminate their outdoor area. All of our products LED, which stands for “light-emitting diode,” uses less than 50 percent of the wattage used for fluorescent bulbs. And it uses less than 25 percent of wattage from incandescent bulbs. Yet LED lights still produce the same amount of light, if not more.


LED landscape lighting is also known for being reliable and much more durable than traditional bulbs. In addition, technological advances have substantially lowered the cost of producing these systems while also improving quality.


If you’re looking for information about LED landscape lighting in DFW, you’ve come to the right place! Contact us anytime at 214-802-8881.


LED lighting has become very popular in recent years — so much that it is estimated that LED technology has become the industry standard. In addition, the Department of Energy has announced that it plans to use LED lights to reduce electric lighting by 50 percent by the year 2025.


Landscape Lighting

Even the smallest LED lights can emit tremendous lighting output. They can also be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. This flexibility means that you have many creative options for your outdoor lighting when it comes to LED fixtures.


LED lights don’t emit UV rays and so they also don’t attract insects.


LED Lights do not emit the heat that traditional lighting does, which means there is less danger when it comes to using them near plants and trees. And unlike some fluorescent light bulbs, which contain mercury, LED lights contain no harmful materials if they break.


Low-voltage LED landscape lights are available in a variety of different colors, so you can pick and choose what you’d like to see in your yard. When the sun goes down, your landscape lighting is the number-one element of your home that will stand out, so it’s important to have a professional company help you with your vision.


Interested in learning more about LED landscape lighting in DFW?  Call us today for a hassle-free quote.


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PermaLites are permanent color changing LED lights that are specifically designed to be used outdoors for years. Each LED strip light is thin, clear, and nearly invisible during the daytime, but they can be adjusted exactly to your liking as soon as the sun goes down. 


PermaLites are unique in that they can be easily controlled and managed through the cloud. Simply use your phone or computer to adjust the colors pixel by pixel, schedule light sequences, create unique lighting patterns, change the brightness level, and much more. A PermaLites system can be installed seamlessly around the exterior of your home or business within a single day, and the durable LED strip lights can last up to a decade with little to no upkeep.


Still not convinced that permanent holiday lighting is the right choice for you? Check out the other benefits of Permalites 365 below!



Outdoor Lights

No Annual Installation Required

No matter how much you love the holidays, you probably don’t enjoy the annual process of balancing precariously on a ladder to decorate your home. Untangling cords, testing strings for broken bulbs, and carefully installing these temporary decorations can be a frustrating, time-consuming process — and then you’ll have to remove them as soon as the holiday season is over!


With permanent color changing LED lights, you can say goodbye to the annual hassle of decorating your home’s exterior. In a single visit, the Elite Lighting Concepts team can install your PermaLites so you can enjoy years of reliable holiday lighting without having to lift a finger (or risk falling off a ladder). 


Energy Efficient

Permanent LED light strips only require about 12% of the energy required by traditional string lights, and they last years instead of just a season or two. PermaLites in particular were designed with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind, using just 60 watts of electricity for every 200 feet of lighting. This means that you can have beautiful outdoor lighting without significantly increasing your energy bill.


Bistro Lighting

A great addition to any outdoor lighting job, bistro lights add a touch of elegance and ambience for entertaining. The unique 12 VAC installation allows these lights to be powered by a transformer and controller.


Wall Washing

Wall washer lights use LED technology to light up walls. It gives an effect of color flowing through any wall. LEDs are great for wall washing due to their bright, durable, and versatile lighting options.


The projection distance for LED wall washers is about 10 feet. And it can extend up to 1000 feet with high-power LEDs. Thus, they are excellent for decorating indoor and outdoor areas.

Holiday / Event LIGHTING

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We keep our custom design process simple. You tell us what you want and we deliver.  Elite Lighting Concepts is a Christmas Decor franchise.  Our interactive designer offers a variety of tools to help you visualize the options for your property. That way you can get an exclusive look at what your home will look like when the project is complete. While other firms may ‘hang’ Christmas Lights, Christmas Decor provides true end to end service. Allowing the design process to be hassle-free for you. 


Holiday / Event Lighting

It’s a sad fact to face, but every year the holiday season draws to a close. We take care of the entire takedown process for you. Exactly when to take down holiday lighting and displays is up to every client’s personal preference. Some want holiday decorations removed right away, while others may prefer to keep everything up a little longer.


You sit in the driver’s seat. It is completely up to you when to have the season’s lighting and displays taken down. Our professional crews will come back and carefully remove all decorations in the same expert fashion that you enjoyed when they first installed them

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